Monday, 17 March 2014

Buying Art
Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London 2014

Art plays an important role in interiors and I must admit that personally I have a bit of an obsession and passion towards it. I love going to galleries, art fairs and exhibitions and I am always in the look out for cool new stuff and emerging artists.

One of my favourite shows to source art from is the Affordable Art Fair which takes place twice a year in London. I have been going to this for years now for work and personal pleasure and I really look forward to it every time.

I took couple of clients along on Wednesday nights Charity Preview and here are some of the pieces purchased on the night.

Image by Katja
'Random 21' by by Ruth Waller and Lee Hewett

Image from My Life In Art
'Sunlight ' by Brigitte Williams

These amazing pieces compliment each other, hung on a vast white wall space in client's contemporary style house. Needless to say, new owners are extremely pleased.

Image by Katja
'The White Queen' by Kirsty Mitchell

This powerful photograph was chosen for client's guest bedroom to add drama and create a theatrical and dreamlike feel.

Image by Katja
'Archie' by Adrian Franklin

I fell in love with Archie on Wednesday night as sculpture has become my new "guilty pleasure". Archie arrived home last night and has already received a range of artistic opinions. I love him, how about you?

As I see it, people buy art for a few reasons; you have a love of art and feel passionate about certain artists/pieces or you are looking for a potential investment.

Decide what you like; photography or painting, still life or sculpture or you might prefer landscape to a figurative.  Hopefully you will end up with what you love and enjoy your chosen pieces for a long time to come.

If buying art as an investment, there are a few things to keep in mind. Do your research and try and buy early in an artist's career. Look out for artist's that are starting to get mentioned by the 'art crowd' and are getting shown in public spaces. A great place to spot up and coming talent are graduate shows.

Have fun and enjoy!