Monday, 21 October 2013

Scandi Interiors and Design Classics

As of Friday, I am jetting off to my motherland Finland for a brief visit and wanted to shed some light on scandinavian design and interior style, as I know it.

The beautiful landscape is an inspiration to many and as we have the full on four seasons on the weather front, most of us still need to be practical. We try and make our homes feel open, cosy and energised at all seasons. 
What sums up scandi style for me is it's simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Image pinned via Eighty Ate

As apartments are hugely popular in scandinavia, space is often tight. Natural light and clever use of artificial lighting is vital, especially in the dark winter months.
White is often used as a base colour, and a choice of accent colours are usually carefully chosen to create interest.
Natural materials are favoured and texture added by accessories.
Old and restored tiled stoves can still be found in many buildings and make a great statement piece.

Image pinned via Anne-Claire Roberts

This is a gorgeous office space.
Very eye catching. Monochrome palette used to the full stylish scandi way.
Ikea pieces mixed with high end Eames classic chair to the maximum effect.

Scandinavia benefits from a vast heritage of internationally recognised designers. From Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen to todays big names Harri Koskinen and Klaus Haapaniemi, only to name a few.

A classic Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen, would not look out of place in any scandinavian interior.
I love the simplicity, look and form of the design. It still, after all these years, takes my breath away.
(Unfortunately, over used and copied in places, but still strongly on my list)

Image by Katja Kapulainen

One true beauty I fell in love as a child, is the Artichoke pendant by danish designer Paul Henningsen.

The Artichoke was originally created in 1957 for the Langelinie Pavillion in Copenhagen.
The design was developed extremely quickly as only very few rough sketches exist from before installation in the Pavilion. The design evolved by PH experimenting his various designs into one.

Today, the Artichoke is manufactured and available in various sizes and finishes. 
 Personally, I find the brushed copper shades with weak pink colour on the inside, a total overall favourite. 
Subtle, calming elegance and in this seasons trendiest interior finishes. Bonus!

Image by Katja Kapulainen

Last but not least, scandinavian interiors are not necessarily all white, wood and classic masterpieces.
far from it....

Image by

As it happens, this image is from my nearest and dearest friend's apartment in Helsinki.
She has an impeccable taste, especially when it comes to mixing vintage quirky finds and colour with contemporary classics.
A brave and strong statement with Farrow and Ball paint on the walls, vintage sideboard themed with an antique candelabra and a classique white Diptique  candle.
(See you Sunday, Helsinki way!)


Saturday, 5 October 2013


Collection of fabrics and fashion by Heidi Kilpelainen

 I would like to introduce you to a fellow Finn, Heidi Kilpelainen.
A talented Finnish multimedia artist, singer, recording artist, Central Saint Martins graduate and a fashion and fabric designer.

Heidi's career has been nothing but exciting. She has performed in many venues internationally and in the UK. Gathering a famous fan base.
You can find out more about Heidi's music career at 
and hear her new album Imaginature at

I happened to catch up with Heidi to discuss "the latest happenings" and to chat about Heidi's inspiration behind her latest exiting adventure.


A collection of very artful and unusual fabrics, printed from Heidi's collage of photographs of the Finnish landscape and nature.



Heidi describes her inspiration as part of  an "awakening", she experienced during a visit to her homeland, Finland.
With the busy urban life left behind, Heidi concentrated on the peaceful surroundings of northern Finland. Waking up to the amazing scenery and the tweeting of birds.
By fully reading Kalevala, a 19th century work of epic poetry by Elias Lonrot, awakened Heidi's creative senses.
The Finnish and Karelian folklore and mythology, played a big part in creating her latest IMAGINATURE collection.

Heidi's collection of fabrics are all her own images of Finnish nature printed on silk or cotton.
Clever images of moss, rock, birch trees to name a few. If you care to have a look, I will guarantee they will blow you away.

A collection of the fabrics hanging in the wind.
"Moss" and "Puddle"
I fell in love with these fabrics  when I styled Heidi's photo's. What a versatile design for interiors. The fabrics could  and should be used as throws, picnic throws, cushions, table covers , curtains, pillowcases or displayed as pieces of art.
"Puddle Grass"

Heidi designs all of her stage outfits and she can most often be seen performing with a signature headpiece covered in matching fabric.

 Here are some of my favourites;

"Dark Rock"


"Puddle Grass"

Three photos above by Vicky Churchill

I hope you have been entertained and fallen in love with the pieces.

If you would like to purchase any items from the Imaginature collection, please quote BLOG, as Heidi is currently offering a 15% discount to my lovely readers.
(Offer valid between 5th - 12th October 2013)

You can contact Heidi at
Or any bespoke interior ideas you might want to discuss with me Katja at

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Some other inspiration from Decorex 2013

Give your interiors a lift by upholstering tired furniture with some wacky fabrics.

Splashes of colour always brightens up the day.These juicy tones are perfect for the autumn.

Playful monochrome wallpaper works perfectly with copper  accessories.

What a bold statement. Brave enough to go for full on pattern on pattern?

Marvellous marble.
Symmetrical marble tiles will give any bathroom  the luxe feel.

Fancy accessorising your mantelpiece with "object de curiosite"?

Great lighting is sometimes all you need, it can make or break a deco scheme.
I fell truly in love with this contemporary collection of table lamps.
These clever pieces provide both direct and indirect light with style.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Decorex 2013

The event of the season for interior designers- Decorex

I was lucky enough to grab a seat to hear about the inspiration for this years entrance stand by the world famous interior's expert Kit Kemp, Silk Route.

Silk Route was, by Kit Kemp, inspired by a traveller. 'The Weaver Of Dreams".
Colours used on the display started their journey, as the traveller experienced different cultures, colours and countries. From spice markets to wherever took the travellers fancy.

The crystal galleon, hang above the stand, guides you through the dreamy world of "The Weaver Of The Dreams" to a more cosy atmosphere.
Quirky guesthouse?

 So many details to take in. 
If you guys need any help, let me know

A detailed picture of a lampshade made out of plastic water bottles.

100% Design

An essential destination for any designer during the Design Week. 
For me, it's always a highlight to check out new designers within Emerging Brands.

I got very excited about this new design company, Buster and Punch.
Their story started from a small garage in east London where they discovered their passion and talent for customising things that they love, from motorcycles to light fittings.

Buster and Punch specialises in creating daring and exquisite home products.
I adore these two shots, as they represent the philosophy behind the brand and captures the luxury of a bespoke design.

There really is no excuse for boring walls anymore.
These black wall tiles will add instant glamour and luxury to a deco scheme.
These would look fantastic in a "gentleman's den" or as a backdrop in a trendy office space.
Makes me feel all moody and mysterious, you?

Managed to snap a photo of these cool door knobs.
Industrial feel with wings and skulls.
A fresh way to update a dresser perhaps and ideal for a teenager's bedroom.
( I am actually imagining these skulls as buttons on my biker jacket)

Last but not least, white!
I am a sucker for the Design Classics. 
Pure simple design with a little specific detail. Gets me everytime.
What a standalone showpiece, yet at the same time, a functioning piece of everyday furniture with sustainability and class.


Wednesday 18th September, I headed down to Holborn to check out designjunction, which returned to the centrally-located 1960's Postal Sorting Office for the third year running.

An impressive showcase of renowned international brands, smaller cuttting  edge labels and pop up shops.

Here are some of my favourite bits;

This little number caught my eye straight away. Wall tiles; pure, simple and effective way to add depth and interest to any wall space.
Nice, contemporary alternative to wallpaper.

Or how do you like this?
Paper origami wall installation.
Pure genius!

Copper is the new trend in interiors everywhere from lighting to home wares this season.
Love this stylish collection of bowls and cups.
Would look fabulous styled together or few individual items dotted around any home.

These copper pendants with a red cords oozes industrial, New York loft chic!
So simple yet very powerful.

Couldn't resist to snap a picture of these miniature stairs.
Designed to be used as side tables, but I think these would rock any hallway with a great shoe collection.