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Collection of fabrics and fashion by Heidi Kilpelainen

 I would like to introduce you to a fellow Finn, Heidi Kilpelainen.
A talented Finnish multimedia artist, singer, recording artist, Central Saint Martins graduate and a fashion and fabric designer.

Heidi's career has been nothing but exciting. She has performed in many venues internationally and in the UK. Gathering a famous fan base.
You can find out more about Heidi's music career at 
and hear her new album Imaginature at

I happened to catch up with Heidi to discuss "the latest happenings" and to chat about Heidi's inspiration behind her latest exiting adventure.


A collection of very artful and unusual fabrics, printed from Heidi's collage of photographs of the Finnish landscape and nature.



Heidi describes her inspiration as part of  an "awakening", she experienced during a visit to her homeland, Finland.
With the busy urban life left behind, Heidi concentrated on the peaceful surroundings of northern Finland. Waking up to the amazing scenery and the tweeting of birds.
By fully reading Kalevala, a 19th century work of epic poetry by Elias Lonrot, awakened Heidi's creative senses.
The Finnish and Karelian folklore and mythology, played a big part in creating her latest IMAGINATURE collection.

Heidi's collection of fabrics are all her own images of Finnish nature printed on silk or cotton.
Clever images of moss, rock, birch trees to name a few. If you care to have a look, I will guarantee they will blow you away.

A collection of the fabrics hanging in the wind.
"Moss" and "Puddle"
I fell in love with these fabrics  when I styled Heidi's photo's. What a versatile design for interiors. The fabrics could  and should be used as throws, picnic throws, cushions, table covers , curtains, pillowcases or displayed as pieces of art.
"Puddle Grass"

Heidi designs all of her stage outfits and she can most often be seen performing with a signature headpiece covered in matching fabric.

 Here are some of my favourites;

"Dark Rock"


"Puddle Grass"

Three photos above by Vicky Churchill

I hope you have been entertained and fallen in love with the pieces.

If you would like to purchase any items from the Imaginature collection, please quote BLOG, as Heidi is currently offering a 15% discount to my lovely readers.
(Offer valid between 5th - 12th October 2013)

You can contact Heidi at
Or any bespoke interior ideas you might want to discuss with me Katja at

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