Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Year, New Dreams

Tray Dreams
 Finnish design talent Pauliina Jalasmaa

As the 'January Blues' has well and truly hit most of us, I thought it was fitting to introduce this little gem of a collection to spice up your deco, lift your spirits and start the countdown to a colourful spring.

Tray Dreams is a beautifully colourful range of practical yet decorative trays designed by Pauliina. Project Color Amoris was born as a result of Pauliina's passionate hunt for the perfect tray to compliment her personal collection of delicately patterned teaware.

Each eco friendly tray has been handcrafted in Finland using birch wood from sustainably managed Finnish forests. 
As a material, birch wood is known for it's texture and durability which not only make each tray a little unique but also very easy to maintain.

Whether you are looking for a pop of colour for decorative purposes or even an alternative to traditional placemats to jazz up your dinner parties, you are sure to find the perfect match from a palette of 24 colours, each named after an island around the world.

All images by Albert Simon
Styling by Annette Tamminen

Colourful shopping!