Tuesday, 1 October 2013

100% Design

An essential destination for any designer during the Design Week. 
For me, it's always a highlight to check out new designers within Emerging Brands.

I got very excited about this new design company, Buster and Punch.
Their story started from a small garage in east London where they discovered their passion and talent for customising things that they love, from motorcycles to light fittings.

Buster and Punch specialises in creating daring and exquisite home products.
I adore these two shots, as they represent the philosophy behind the brand and captures the luxury of a bespoke design.

There really is no excuse for boring walls anymore.
These black wall tiles will add instant glamour and luxury to a deco scheme.
These would look fantastic in a "gentleman's den" or as a backdrop in a trendy office space.
Makes me feel all moody and mysterious, you?

Managed to snap a photo of these cool door knobs.
Industrial feel with wings and skulls.
A fresh way to update a dresser perhaps and ideal for a teenager's bedroom.
( I am actually imagining these skulls as buttons on my biker jacket)

Last but not least, white!
I am a sucker for the Design Classics. 
Pure simple design with a little specific detail. Gets me everytime.
What a standalone showpiece, yet at the same time, a functioning piece of everyday furniture with sustainability and class.

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