Thursday, 26 June 2014

Nordic Living 
Hosted by Habitat in collaboration with designjunction

Last night I managed to pop down to Habitat's Platform Gallery on King's Road to hear a panel discussion on Nordic Living. Hosted and lead by Studio and The Schemer editor Kate Burnet joined by well established Swedish born interior designer Staffan Tollgard, Norwegian furniture and lighting designer Magnus Pettersen and Danish Signe Sorensen of Chase & Sorensen.

Habitat had done a fantastic job in transforming their Platform gallery into a woodland-inspired Scandinavian midsummer cafe, showcasing the latest and greatest products from leading Scandinavian designers.

Image by Katja
Woodland inspired space at the Platform gallery, Habitat.

Panels discussion bounced from defining Scandinavian style, influences behind such a precise way of design, materials and textures to Scandinavian lifestyle and even to wether Scandinavian design is being regarded as boring.

Image by Katja

As all of the panelists agreed, Scandinavian people are relatively reserved. We don't feel the need or are we totally comfortable to stand out from the crowd, especially in a 'flashy' way. This characteristic among with climate and natural resources has shaped the way of the unique Scandinavian style and design.

It has always, to this day, followed a mentality of 'democrative' or in other words 'honest' design. Practicality, functionality, clean and simple design is celebrated as people in scandinavia take great pride and care of their homes and environment. Social life often happens at home, so people take great care in space planning and the correct use of space available for their lifestyle needs.

Image by Katja

Neutral background in interiors is usually preferred with addition of pop's of colour and pattern for impact. A fabulous piece of design need a neutral background for it to shine  rather than blend in the background. It should be celebrated for it's unique craftmanship, shape and purpose.

Image by Katja

All of these highly professional panelists have been and continue to follow their scandinavian values with exciting enthusiasm of the expanding world, culture and trends with a few little twist of their own.

Image by Katja

Less is often more than enough!

Thanks to all panelists and Habitat for a great summer evening!

Midsummer Cafe at Habitat Platform gallery, Kings Road, still open till 29th June, worth checking out!


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