Monday, 22 September 2014

Design Reunion

Hosted by David Nicholls, editor of The Telegraph magazine.
Panel discussion with designers Tord Boontje, Claire Norcross, Sarah Campbell, Aaron Probyn, Simon Pengelly and Habitat's creative director Polly Dickens, exploring the theme 'inspirations'.

To celebrate 50 years of design, Habitat have invited six designers back to create and design a collection that has longevity and sits comfortably in the range. All  designers involved in this new collection have worked in various fields of design for many years and have all  been involved in designing products for Habitat in the past.

An easy flowing conversation concentrated on the different sources of inspiration from nature for Claire, to a certain 'moment' that leads to a natural process of an idea for Simon.
In turn, Polly sees herself as the provider of inspiration for her creative team, always on the look out for interesting and amusing things and snapping endless images.

The designers find that today's world of ever evolving technology is a stimulant and a great source for research and use images as reminders, but find the best way to be inspired, happens when you get out in the world and experience. Many find the process of manufacturing, technique and the learning process exciting and most rewarding.

Designers most inspiring places included The Wallace Collection, for Tord to V&A's ceramics department for Aaron. It was also intriguing to see designers favourite chosen objects that each brought to the discussion. For Tord it was his beloved dog Poppy, Claire brought a tray of scientific bottles that she likes to collect with old and unusual decanter tops. Sarah's item was a string of stones collected by her with her father many years ago, Aaron's inspiration was a classic Anglepoise desk lamp and Simon brought with him a wooden bird that keeps him smiling.

New collection by the Design Reunion creatives 

Image by Katja

Inspiration and name behind Smithfield lounge chair, designed by Aaron Probyn, leads from an area in London with historic value. The idea was to design a piece that would work in modern lifestyle but sit well in a historic setting.

Image by Katja

Bouguet pendant designed by Tord Boontje, experiments with 20 different elements from flowers to leaves. It's appearance feels romantic and unexpected but brings new depth by the use and introduction of industrial materials.

Fifty Leaves
Image by Katja

Fifty Leaves by Sarah Campbell celebrates the 50 years and the leaves of a calendar. Sarah's description of the colourful rug involves her sense of 'flights of fancy' and 'down to earthness'. It brings to life the organic yet decorative aspects of creativity.

Image by Habitat

Simon's creation was born from his desire to express functionality with this walnut dining table. The side leaf, when folded away create a nice visual interest. It appears sophisticated without being too loud nor brash. This piece sits elegantly with other timbers and finishes.

Image by Katja

Claire often finds her inspiration from nature. The idea behind Crystalline chandelier pendant is taken from the structure of natural crystals. Claire was excited to work with new materials in her 3D piece, using different patterns and surfaces and the use of refraction of light and reflection.

Image by Katja

Tessellate, gold LED wall decoration by Aaron Probyn is a statement piece with it's 3D geometric pattern. The design reflects and enhances the light emitted and it can be used as multiples to add a level of creative expression.

Image by Habitat

The Waku bed by Shin Azum highlights the sculpture quality within the functionality of it's design. It's slightly angled headboard creates clean lines, adds interest, comfort and sits well in modern decor.

New collection currently available at Habitat.


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