Monday, 23 March 2015

Savage Beauty
Alexander McQueen

"Fashion is a big bubble and sometimes I feel like popping it"
Lee Alexander McQueen, 2009

"Savage Beauty" is the first and largest retrospective of the late Alexander McQueen's work to be presented in Europe.
Currently showcasing in Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Image by Katja

One of the most influential designers, McQueen consistently pushed boundaries of fashion, both through ingenious cut and construction of his designs to always performance like spectacular shows.

McQueen gathered his inspiration from a wide range of references from films, art and literature of different eras but his greatest inspiration was to be his own vast imagination.

Image, Google Images - Creativereview

Dresses from the Romantic Privitism room. A cave like room constructed from bones and skulls.

"I think there is beauty in everything . What "normal" people perceive as ugly , I can usually see something of beauty in it"
McQueen, 2003

Image, Google Images - The Economist

Garments from the Romantic Gothic Gallery of Savage Beauty

Image via Victoria and Albert Museum

Image Google Images - The Telegraph

Varied pieces in Cabinet of Curiosities.

Image via Google Images

"The Widows of Culloden", Autum/Winter 2006
Optical illusion created inside a glass pyramid
Image via Google Images

Plato's Atlantis, Spring Summer 2010
Image via Victoria & Albert Museum


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